Fabio Crameri

" Good science is patiently and carefully crafted, objective, and most of all, accessible. Good science is also making and acknowledging mistakes. I believe, therefore, that good science needs a fair, supportive and, instead of a competitive, a collaborative academic work environment that values all researchers. Academic teams should be primarily diverse, instead of solely high h-indexed, to keep expanding our knowledge and understanding. "

" I also think that methodological skills like scientific writing, where uncertainties are more important than a catchy story, scientific visualisation, where actual data is more significant than the author's interpretation, and scientific outreach, where simplicity achieves more than intelligently sounding complexity, are all part of the craft and must – under all circumstances – be valued. "

– Fabio

Fabio Crameri, Geoscience researcher and academic graphic designer

Geoscientist & graphic designer

Undertone.design, Davos & Bern, Switzerland
and ISSI Bern, Bern Switzerland

Graphic design  ·  Science communication  ·  Geoscience  ·  Numerical modelling
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  • Cutting-edge global, spherical numerical models of mantle convection with single-sided subduction.

  • Up-to-date geoscientific concepts that sharpen community discussion and research.

  • Trans-disciplinary data and knowledge collections to bring today’s dispersed, highly specialised and niche individual research back on a community level to sharpen both the individual effort and common understanding of pivotal problems in and beyond the Earth Sciences.

  • Open-access community resources to enrich common research methodologies with scientific accuracy, reproducibility, and inclusivity.

  • Tireless social commitments to improve academia's work environment.

Ocean Plate Tectonics

Crameri et al. (2019)

Ocean-plate tectonics

An up-to-date, clear and integral concept capturing oceanic plate dynamics.

Subduction zone initiation (SZI) Database

Crameri et al. (2020)

SZI Database

A transdisciplinary and community-driven data collection regarding the formation of subduction zones.

StagLab: Geodynamic postprocessing and visualisation

Crameri (2017)


A compilation of ready-to-use, fully reproducible, fully automated geodynamic diagnostics.

The Scientific colormaps

Crameri (2018)

Scientific colour maps

A complete suite of perceptually uniform and colour-vision deficiency friendly colour palettes.

ProAc academic profile logo

Crameri (2022)


An effort to profile, and not rank, individual academics for a more sustainable academic work environment.

s-ink.org logo mark

Crameri et al. (2022)


An open-access and community-reviewed sharing platform for science-grade graphics.