Fabio Crameri

Community resources

See the bigger purpose. Care about others. Be open.

ProAc community effort icon

Academic evaluation


The purpose-built, multi-metric academic profile for a more sustainable academic work environment.

s-ink.org community effort icon

Science communication


The open-access and community-reviewed online collection for accessible, science-grade graphics.

Scientific colour map community effort icon

Data visualisation

Scientific colour maps

The complete suite of data-true and colour-vision deficiency friendly colour palettes.

Geodynamics post-processing community effort StagLab logo

Geodynamic post-processing


The easy-to-use, testable and fully reproducible collection of geodynamic diagnostics for mantle convection models.

Geodynamics modelling community effort logo

Geodynamic modelling

101 Modelling

The concise knowledge resource for modellers and non-modellers collaborating on, or reviewing, modelling studies.

SZI Database community effort icon

Earth Sciences

SZI Database

The transdisciplinary, community-driven geoscience data collection to sharpen research on the formation of subduction zones.

If you want to acquire skills in one of these topics, see my Masterclasses.

I believe community resources like these are critical for the greater good.

I therefore happily provide them for free,
but also appreciate all kinds of support.

Thank you.

A coffee helps, for example.