Fabio Crameri

Seminars & Masterclasses

Skills at your fingertip.
Masterclass Use of colour icon

Colour use

'Use of colour in scientific visualisation'

Internalise the do's and don'ts of using colour as an information carrier for scientifically-accurate and universally-inclusive data representation.

Masterclass Figure design

Figure design

'Visualise your research'

Get to know the key principles and tools of graphic design and receive a recipe to make good science graphics, whether it is for data visualisation or illustration.

Masterclass Presentation design

Presentation design

'Effective presentation design'

Acquire the fundamental skills to easily create effective presentations (Talks, PICOs, Posters, Online displays) of complicated topics.

Masterclass Science communication

Science communication

'The art of science communication'

Learn to master the most-effective tools for effectively communicating your research and other scientific topics through variable media.