Fabio Crameri
The Scientific colour map


  • Perceptually uniform  ✔︎
  • Perceptually ordered ✔︎
  • Colour-vision-deficiency friendly ✔︎ 
  • Readable as black-and-white print ✔︎
  • Provided in all major formats ✔︎
  • Sequential

  • No white; no black

  • The scientific rainbow

batlow: A Scientific colour map
Also available as

batlowW & batlowK

White-ended and black-ended.

Colour map diagnostics

 The figure shows the colour map with low gradient ripples to indicate how it represents low-contrast regions in different locations of the colorbar, and a plot of the lightness difference, dE, indicating better perceptual-uniformity the flatter the curve.

→ Compare to the diagnostics of the rainbow (a.k.a. jet) colour map.

Diagnostics performed after Kovesi, P. (2015), Good colour maps: How to design them, CoRR, abs/1509.03700 and based on MatLab scripts from Peter Kovesi.

Read more about it here.